Feel the benefits of a luxury toilet. Our units have been prepared with you in mind. We have looked at every detail, from the choice of towels, to the service that we provide. We offer you the same level of comfort and hygiene that you expect to find in your own home.


Hot Running Water

For your comfort, convenience and hygiene, the water that is supplied to the basins is beautifully warm.


Fresh Flowers

We include fresh flowers in the hire of the toilet unit. Why not let us know the colour theme of your event and we'll compliment it with flowers.



Our toilet system is a unique design which requires only half a litre of water per flush, unlike the average home which uses 6 litres per flush!


No Harmful Chemicals

We offer fresh water toilets, meaning no undesirable blue recycled waste in the flush system. All our cleaning products are biodegradable and plant based.


Soft Towels

Rather than paper towels, we use soft fluffy hand towels to give our toilets a more homely feel.


Guaranteed Quality

We know how important it is for every part of your event to run smoothly, we'll look after all the details so you don't have to. We will be on call throughout your event in the case of any emergency.